Monday, February 22, 2016

TSB On Call Design and Engineering Services

The Office of Design for the Iowa Department of Transportation (the Department) is interested in selecting three TSB (Targeted Small Business) consulting firms to enter into agreements to provide statewide engineering services. The firms must be certified through the TSB program. The selected consultants for this contract will perform a variety of engineering services related to concepting, design, and construction inspection for various projects with a short duration or limited scope. Projects may include 3R, institutional road, rest area, safety, 4R, ADA or other roadway projects. Firms will be eligible and potentially selected for work that fits into their strengths. When projects are identified, the consultant will be allowed to bring in subs that fit the project need. If your firm is interested in providing the described services, please submit a proposal stating your ability and availability to complete this work.
County: Statewide
Route: All
Locations: Statewide
Services Requested:
Submission Deadline: 3:00 PM CST -- 2/29/2016
Contact Person: Stacy Ryan
Contract Duration: 3 years
Listing on The Iowa DOT Consultant Utilization page.

Request for Proposal