Monday, February 22, 2016

TSB On Call Design and Engineering Services

The Office of Design for the Iowa Department of Transportation (the Department) is interested in selecting three TSB (Targeted Small Business) consulting firms to enter into agreements to provide statewide engineering services. The firms must be certified through the TSB program. The selected consultants for this contract will perform a variety of engineering services related to concepting, design, and construction inspection for various projects with a short duration or limited scope. Projects may include 3R, institutional road, rest area, safety, 4R, ADA or other roadway projects. Firms will be eligible and potentially selected for work that fits into their strengths. When projects are identified, the consultant will be allowed to bring in subs that fit the project need. If your firm is interested in providing the described services, please submit a proposal stating your ability and availability to complete this work.
County: Statewide
Route: All
Locations: Statewide
Services Requested:
Submission Deadline: 3:00 PM CST -- 2/29/2016
Contact Person: Stacy Ryan
Contract Duration: 3 years
Listing on The Iowa DOT Consultant Utilization page.

Request for Proposal

Map information on Google Maps

I ran across an online site that will take a list of addresses or locations and map them on a custom Google map.  It is all free.  The site is called Batch Geo located at .

For example I took the DBE directory and created the following map:

What else could you map?

Employee names and addresses.  Who lives near that job?

Job list.  What jobs of mine are close to each other?

Suppliers list.  Who is near that job?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Subcontractor bid form

All contractors have their own bid form that they have developed.  There are some basic things that I think a bid form should include:
  • Keep it to one page (if you can) & one job per bid
  • Clearly show your company name, name, and cell number in case there are questions
  • Include the letting date, call order, contract ID, & county
  • List the bid items in the same order as the Iowa DOT bid proposal
  • Don't need to put the name of the prime contractor on each bid (that can be a lot of work and paper)
  • Do track who you have faxed or emailed a quote
  • Always follow up a verbal revision with a written quote
Below is a picture of the excel bid form that can be download:  bidform.xlsx

Bidding as a Prime Contractor

Many of the projects that are let by the Iowa Department of Transportation are within the capability of DBE contractors. I encourage DBE contractors to be in the position to bid as a prime contractor.  Prior to bidding as a prime contractor the Iowa DOT will require you to complete Form 650004 Iowa DOT Contractor Financial-Experience-Equipment Statement Contractors' Form. You can download Form 650004 here. The Iowa DOT has funding to help DBE contractors pay for CPA accounting services in preparing Form 650004.

The amount of work that you are qualified to bid will first depend on how you prepare the statement.

Individually Prepared Statement is completed without the assist of a CPA and will be limited to $200,000 minus the amount of uncompleted work.

CPA Reviewed Statement will be limited to contracts less than $1 million plus total contracts less than the maximum prequalification amount minus the amount of uncompleted work.

CPA Audited Statement has no individual contract limitation and total contracts are limited to the maximum prequalification amount minus the amount of uncompleted work.

Maximum Prequalification Amount is based your amount of current assets plus 1/2 noncurrent assets plus loan authorization times an experience factor (0.0 to 12.5).

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The Iowa DOT also requires contractors to complete a minimum amount in work categories before they would allow you to prime work in those categories.

You will also need to be able to file an acceptable performance bond within 30 days of the approval date for awarding the contract.