Thursday, October 1, 2015

Heads Up! Two large projects out for bid.

This month there are 2 big projects out for bid.  In the October 20, 2015 letting Bid Order 103 in Woodbury county will let over 4 miles of grading and paving of the new four lane US Highway 20 including a bridge, culverts, and the traffic control.  Then in a special letting on October 27th Bid Order 1 in Pottawattamie county lets a project that includes a steel girder bridge, paving, and noise wall on I-29 in Council Bluffs.  Both jobs carry a $2,000,000 guaranty which roughly equates to a bid total of around $40,000,000.  Consider these items when bidding.

  • Big jobs may bring in large contractors from out of state who may not be used to the DBE rules in Iowa.  For example in Iowa good faith effort is primarily judged on exceeding the DBE goal percentage and not on how many letters you send to DBE contractors.
  • These jobs extend over two years so bid to include the escalation of incidental costs and how see how the work fits your schedule.
  • Make sure the prime contractors bidding receive your bid directly and early because they need to fill out the DBE form and perhaps share your bid with other contractors bidding portions of the whole project.