Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Doc Express & Materials Approved Product List Enterprise (MAPLE)

Doc Express is the online document management program used by the Iowa DOT.  Doc Express is organized to collect all the paperwork electronically submitted for one contract. More contracts are using Doc Express each year.  Prime contractors are given access by the Iowa DOT for their contract.  Primes give access to their subs and suppliers.  Make sure to get access from the prime contractor so you can benefit from the ease of using Doc Express.  The Doc Express user guide has recently been updated.

Materials Approved Product List Enterprise (MAPLE) contains a searchable database of most of the approved products, sources, producers, and suppliers of materials for Iowa DOT projects. MAPLE may be searched by the brand/product name, producer, Materials Instructional Memorandum (IM) number, or material name. New approvals are continually added as they become approved for use instead of waiting for a new list to be published.