Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Next Generation of Construction Workers

An ongoing issue for many contractors is finding and retaining good workers.  Many highway contractors built their workforce from relatives and friends of their current workers.  I can remember working on a bridge crew and figuring out that I was the only one without a connection to a member of the crew.  DBE contractors that were new to the industry did not have the ability to develop a crew from within and always had to look outside the company for experience help.

Because of the retirement of older workers and the increased volume of work all contractors will need to attract good young workers. People of a certain age do not all think and act alike but I think it is smart to adapt to make your company attractive to the millennial generation. Such as:

  • Emphasize safety;  Millennials have been raised with safety rules - buckle your seatbelt; wear your bike helmet,
  • Show that the company's work helps the greater good;  Share the companies history of completed projects.
  • Make it easier for workers to connect with the company outside of the work day; Company facebook page, company volunteer day
  • Millennials like to multitask.  Ask them to develop different skills.
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