Thursday, January 8, 2015

FAA DBE Program

A question has been posed on this blog as to getting more information on airport Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) government funded projects in "2015" and the DBE goals.  Airport work unlike highway work is not contracted out in a centralized system.  Individual cities or airports are given grants to improve their facilities. The best way to find work is to keep track of work proposed by the individual airports.  For example the Des Moines Airport Authority has a written DBE program and a DBE goal of 4.54%. I did find a listing of all the FAA Improvement Grants throughout the country.  You can download it here.

The FAA has started a website called FAA dbE-Connect which lists bid opportunities, goals, and directory of DBE firms.  As an Iowa DOT certified DBE your should be listed in the directory.  This website is a great idea but it is up to the various airport funding recipients to post the information on this site.  Looking at the website few projects are being listed.