Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Email Best Practices

Email has become the most common way to communicate in business.  I have picked out 10 rules that will help you communicate more effectively and concisely.
  1. Use a descriptive reference (RE:) line.  I include the name of the project so I can sort by the project names later.
  2. Write in complete sentences but keep the email short.  I like to use bullet points or numbered lists.
  3. Rename a scanned attachment.  PayApp141015.pdf is much better than Ricoh23af14.pdf.
  4. Put action items or important responses first in the email.  The assumption is that the reader will not find the action items or stop reading the email before the important stuff.
  5. Add "thanks" or appreciate your help"
  6. Try to reply within 24 hours or less.
  7. Use an active voice instead of a passive voice.  "We will be on the job on Thursday"is better than "the crew will start on Thursday".
  8. Don't send huge attachments that fill up the receiver inbox.  If it is more than 4 MB zip it or hyperlink it to a cloud storage area like Google Drive.
  10. Add an automatic signature line that has your name, company, address, phone and email.  This is what I use: