Monday, April 23, 2018

Subcontractor bid form

All contractors have their own bid form that they have developed.  There are some basic things that I think a bid form should include:
  • Keep it to one page (if you can) & one job per bid
  • Clearly show your company name, name, and cell number in case there are questions
  • Include the letting date, call order, contract ID, & county
  • List the bid items in the same order as the Iowa DOT bid proposal
  • Don't need to put the name of the prime contractor on each bid (that can be a lot of work and paper)
  • Do track who you have faxed or emailed a quote
  • Always follow up a verbal revision with a written quote
  • Send out your sub bid to prime contractors a day prior to the letting
Below is a picture of the excel bid form that can be download:  bidform.xlsx