Monday, May 12, 2014

Annual DBE Goals

The Iowa DOT is in the process of setting the annual DBE Goals for the 2015 - 2017 fiscal year.  There will be a public meeting on Friday, May 16th to discuss the proposed goal.  The link to the notice can be found here.

The proposed goal is 5.75%.  The current goal is 4.6%.  The methodology of how the goal percentage was calculated is linked below:

The goal percentage boils down to a cold calculation of determining the number of ready and willing DBE firms divided by the number of all businesses in the same highway construction marketplace. The Iowa DOT is seeking public comment on this methodology. 

Also there is a need for any specific examples of the effects of discrimination on opportunities. What percentage of your work has DBE goals?  Is the industry becoming more or less accepting of women and minorities?  How are your dealings with financial institutions?  

Please take the time to send comments to:

Karen Kienast 
Office of Employee Services, Civil Rights Team 
Iowa Department of Transportation 
800 Lincoln Way 
Ames, Iowa 50010