Monday, April 7, 2014

New Good Faith Effort process

Starting with the April 15th letting there will be a new process to evaluate the good faith efforts (GFE) relating to Iowa DOT DBE goals.  The link to the file is here.  The objective measure of using the "80% rule" to determine GFE has been replaced with an appeal process to the GFE evaluation committee consisting of three Iowa DOT staff members.

In my opinion DBE contractors will see an increase in bid requests from prime contractors in order to document their good faith efforts.  I hope we don't return to the days when DBE contractors get flooded with certified letters requesting sub-quotes.  Prime contractors who have a good track record of contracting with and helping DBEs should be rewarded.

Some things I think DBE contractors should do when quoting work:

  • Try to respond to a prime contractor's request for quote by telling them yes I am bidding or not bidding, no work items for me, no time to bid.
  • Submit a written sub-quote either by fax or email
  • Try to submit to all qualified planholders
  • Keep a record of all your sub-quotes