Monday, April 7, 2014

Bidding Routine

I get asked about what opportunities are out there for DBE contractors.  How do I review the plans?  What projects have DBE goals?  How do I submit a sub-quote?

The Iowa DOT is very consistent in its letting procedures.  You should take advantage of that consistency to develop your own bidding routine.

1. Download and review the notice to bidders from the Iowa DOT Office of Contracts.
The notice to bidders will list all the projects for bid along with a partial list of work items, DBE 
goals, start date, etc.

2. Download the plans and proposals of the projects you are interested in from the Iowa DOT Office of Contracts website.

3. Use Bidx to track addendums on the project and get the list of qualified planholders. 

4. Fax or email your written sub-quote to the qualified planholders.  A list of most of the planholders fax numbers and email addresses is in the downloads page of this blog.